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Ravenshead Brewing Company was started as a reponse to the current trends in American craft beer. Beer should be enjoyed with friends. Beer should be fresh. Beer should make you want another. This isn't trend beer. There are no supermodels or celebrity spoke-people. This isn't a multinational corporation telling you how to look or what to listen to.

This is one man making great beer, and the goal is to share it with you.

Ravenshead Brewing started out with big dreams and big expectations. Huge buildings and constant press coverage turned into red tape and missed deadlines. Bigger is not always better.

After the smoke had cleared, and all looked lost, a glimmer of hope still remained--a desire to make great beer and put it out to the thirsty masses. Now, its back to basics. Simple beer. Simple plan. Grow the company organicly, like the ingredients we use. We are working towards a big and bright future, but we want you on board, not board members and corporations.

Welcome to Ravenshead Brewing Company


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Like a phoenix from the ashes, Ravenshead rises again.

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Ravenshead Brewing Company Kickstarter

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